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A new material for the environment and humanity.
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Reolite™ is a new material for the environment and humanity.

It is a recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. It is an eco-friendly thread that dramatically reduces landfill volume and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by mixing an inorganic antibacterial agent independently developed by Reolite company. With just 5 discarded plastic bottles, one eco-friendly garment can be made, and thread and fabric can be made from these resources.
We use our proprietary technology to combine silver and zinc into the fiber to permanently maintain antibacterial, deodorizing and heat resistance. It has passed various international certifications and has reliable safety, antibacterial properties, and semi-permanent antibacterial durability.
This innovative process of Reolite™ brings back the value of the past by utilizing special RECYCLING technology.We take the lead in protecting the environment by sharing the value of future innovation by utilizing new resources.

Reolitecompany uses eco-friendly materials and Reolite™’s inorganic antibacterial agent to manufacture RECYCLE antibacterial thread.

Staple Fibers
Polyester, Nylon