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Reolite™ is an eco-friendly new antibacterial material that has the potential to be widely applied to various industries such as medical, manufacturing, packaging, and clothing.
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The best proven antibacterial agent that doesn't force your beliefs

Reolite™ is an antibacterial agent that has secured durability, excellence, and safety in numerous industries and daily lives for the purpose of providing the best antibacterial and deodorizing functionality.
Reolite™ antimicrobial is a zinc inorganic antimicrobial, which contains a semipermanent antibacterial effect and shows excellent health safety and thermal safety. The antimicrobial from Reolite™ can be manufactured in the various sizes of particles, which means the product can be applied to different fabric industries. Furthermore, the product indeed has been utilized for various fields including construction, electronics, hygiene, beauty, and etc.
Silver metal is very safe and beneficial for the human body, and copper products maintain their antibacterial effect even when mixed with organic substances.
Reolite™ Features
Due to the excellent structure of Reolite™, it has incomparable superiority to other antibacterial materials, which provides endless possibilities.
Extreme safety against body contact was verified in various safety tests conducted by HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES(Life Science Research Institute) in the UK.
Reolite™ has a wide range of antibacterial effects and has antibacterial action against bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella as well as fungi and viruses.
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Reolite™ has an antibacterial effect on its own, and as it is formed with an excellent bonding structure, there is no structural damage caused by the solution, so the antibacterial power is semi-permanent even longer than others.
Heat resistance
As an inorganic material, Reolite™ does not undergo structural deformation even at high temperatures of 800˚C or higher, so it can be mixed in various manufacturing processes and can be applied in a wide range.
It has excellent adsorption and deodorization ability due to its structural excellence and active oxygen action along with antibacterial properties against bacteria.