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Reolite - Textile
Fabrics made with Reolite™ thread have antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It provides comfort to the environment and mankind.
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Stability and comfort made with innovation

The Reolite™ fabric offers stability, durability, and comfort that is different from any other fabric.
Reolite™ fabric, which remains unchanged even after several washings, has a different level of stability and durability than existing products.
The comfort secured by semi-permanent antibacterial properties provides comfort to the wearer in any environment that uses Reolite™ fabric.
Reolite fabric
Reolite™ Clothing
Reolite™ clothing has excellent breathability and antibacterial properties, so it is used to make functional clothing. It is used for medical, military, and sports apparel, and can improve the work efficiency of related workers. Reolite™’s clothing is recognized for its excellent quality under its own brand, WCY.
Medical apparel
Military uniform
Sport apparel
Reolite™ Stuff
Miscellaneous goods made from Reolite™ fibers do not wrinkle, have high strength, and are easy to manage as they do not cause peeling.  The product is recognized as a functional miscellaneous product due to its excellent thermal insulation and low risk of bacterial reproduction due to its antibacterial function.
Protective mask
Reolite™ Bedding
Reolite™ bedding generates less static electricity and dust, so it is suitable for sensitive skin, atopic patients, and asthma patients.
Duvet cover